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Living and Thriving on Costa Rica's Caribbean Coast!

Well, we did it!

I finally went ON-AIR with my very first show!!

I'm like a proud mama.

Hope you were able to catch it.

The Caribbean Coast and specifically the Puerto Viejo area has become a Mecca for black people who are considering a move to Costa Rica -- but not much is known about the area because, well, Costa Ricans (with little positive input from Costa Rica Tourism & PR) have a fear of going there - yes, sort of a fear of the dangerous "dark side". Y'all know what I mean! That did not stop "us" - because as resourceful as we are as a people, we managed to find our special spot and are living, loving and vibing in the laid back, Caribbean, pura-vida lifestyle.

For more info and updates on available resources and life there, I am posting the replay below of my Saturday Jan 8th show - the video is minus all the jammin music that accompanied the original show -- For that, you'll have to tune in to the LIVE versions of "This Is It" every Saturday afternoon from 12noon - 1pm (Costa Rica time) on however, you will still get a chance to listen/watch the interview.

A must see if you plan to visit or move to the area!


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