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Mérida Black Expats Drawing Big Crowds

My friend Caroline, who relocated to Mérida Mx from Nicaragua, has started a group in Mérida called the Black Mexpat Community. "When I decided to create a "Group" on FACEBOOK, I decided it was not going to be just another "Group" but a community. Let's keep building our support system. All of you have become the highlight of my life in Mexico." said Caroline.

We plan to attend one of their meet ups in June.

The thing about Mexico is that since Mexico is such a large country and closer to the US there are many more Black people traveling there. It is much more difficult for me to do meet ups here in Costa Rica because until quite recently Black people were mostly ignoring Costa Rica and choosing to visit or relocate to areas where the black population was larger and also the cost of living in Costa Rica is higher than Mexico and other Central American countries. A couple of years ago we tried to have a lecture on the 2 faces of Costa Rica (a history of race relations in Costa Rica) but it didn't quite work out the way I had planned. If you followed our journey back then you may have seen my post.

In Mérida over a hundred people showed up for Sandra Watson's lecture on the Black Diaspora in Mexico. She was overwhelmed by all the love.

Congrats to Sandra!

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