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Please Welcome BLAXIT RADIO!

Good Morning Family

Some of you may know that we have been working to establish a radio station especially to meet the unique needs of the black expat and blaxit community worldwide. Our aim is to provide a variety of music as well as entertainment, educational information, interviews, tips and valuable resources for those who are contemplating a move abroad.

Today, I am happy to announce that we have launched the website for the new internet radio station, BLAXIT RADIO!

The station will operate 24/7 and is available worldwide. We will offer a diverse array of music, including Reggae, R&B, Smooth Jazz and Quiet Storm to name a few. We will combine music with talk, opinion and interviews. In addition we believe that it is necessary for the station to function as a vehicle to bridge cultures in the communities in which we live. In Costa Rica, we will be working with Ramiro Crawford of Limon Roots who also has a show on the station.


Currently our team includes coverage for the US, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama and Tanzania (we are interested in expanding this coverage).

We have space available for a few more interested people to join our team.

We also have hosts positions available for: Music Only/Talk Only or Music/Talk combo. If you are interested, please send me a FB DM/email me or leave a comment here.

We would really appreciate your support and your help in getting the word out!!

Please check us out @


A HUGE SHOUT OUT to our FANTASTIC BLAXIT RADIO FAMILY!!! Looking forward to the adventure and working with you all!!


NOTE**The station will play music only until our official launch


We Thank you for your patience as we work out the last of the kinks prior to launching.


We will also be available on FB and IG

Please Stay Tuned for dates and more information.

--For those not familiar with the term --

Blaxit Definition:

USA Today said "Black Americans, like expatriates of all races and ethnicities, leave the USA temporarily or permanently for different reasons: in search of a better quality of life, for work opportunities, to marry or retire abroad, for tax reasons, for adventure. Kristen West Savali, writing for Essence in January of 2020, compared Blaxit to the Great Migration, saying, "it has become increasingly clear that there is no corner of the United States where it is safe to be Black"

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