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The Next Big Thing! Our Life in Costa Rica

Hope you are all doing well.

Have you been, wondering where I've Been?

Chefchaouen AKA "The Blue City" One stop on The Morocco Grand Tour

The answer is, nowhere, yet. But, I have been working on a couple of exciting projects.

1. First project is - a "Jammin" trip to Morocco

Morocco Jammin 2022

The Morocco Grand Tour

An 11 day group trip to Morocco which we are planning for Sept 2022
The trip is to 5 cities, as well as an overnight stay @ a luxury camp in the Sahara Desert

More to follow - *If you are interested please drop me an email and I will put you on the list to receive further detailed updates!!

(For those of you already on the list. I will be sending details and price updates shortly)

2. Second Project - The Next B I G Thing - an expat collab that I think you will find exciting and very helpful, especially if you are contemplating leaving the US to become an expat. Stay tuned for more info on that.

3. We are planning to spend a few days on the Caribbean Coast. We haven't been since 2018. Cannot believe it's been that long!! I will have story and photos to post.

Recent Meetup in Atenas Costa Rica






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