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We All Scream For Ice Cream!

1 - Rona Virus Update

I think we are actually in week 8 now and Costa Rica has begun to lift the restrictions a bit. Our virus #s stand at about 725 cases and 6 deaths. Among the changes, many stores and restaurants were allowed to re open eff 5/1 - with special "capacity" restrictions, the 7pm curfew still stands and United Airlines began making limited flights to and from CR. Citizens and legal residents are now allowed to return home.

We were in town yesterday to do our grocery shopping, and even though it was also a holiday, there were a lot more people out than we had seen in weeks past. That was nice to see and it was good to be out! We also went out to dinner tonight (at our favorite neighborhood happy hour spot). We were required to make reservations (we chose 4pm) and we had to be out in enough time to make it home before the 7pm curfew. At 4pm we were the only reservation, so had the entire place to ourselves, which was very nice!

2 - We're a Little late getting the video up for week 6

We had planned to do a proper sit down "live video" but...well, we didn't get the sit down part done (life can be very busy in quarantine LOL).

Anyway, we decided to share the part we had.

We promise to do another video real soon and catch you up on our plans.

In the meantime, Lavanson had a quarantine BIRTHDAY!! (mine will be coming up next week) Since we were pretty much restricted to the house and could not have a party or even go out to dinner, he decided to make his favorite homemade chocolate ice cream instead. He's been making his own ice cream for about a year now because there is no vegan or "milk free" option that we can find in the stores here. He is currently searching for a way to make the ice cream without using alcohol - which I think is to keep it from freezing into a solid lump!) He LOVES the chocolate, I prefer the pineapple.

3 - Let's Make Some Ice Cream!!!

Seven Ingredients Needed

We use our blender as we have NO ice cream maker

Week #6 In Quarantine


Here is the ice cream recipe


I C E  C R E A M

Yield  1 pint


  • 1/2  CUP (555 ml)coconut water

  • 1-1/2 CUP Coconut Milk (the fatty kind in a can{3 cans})

  • 2.5 oz RUM {or Vodka} = (6 tbsp) 

  • 3/4 cup HONEY

  • 1 cup (75 g) unsweetened Dutch-process cocoa powder

  • Pinch of salt

  • 1 Square Dark chocolate,  chopped 

  • 4 Tsp Vanilla Extract


In sauce pan or pot:

Heat coconut water

1  Add dark chocolate and allow to melt

2  Add honey and whisk ingredients till 


3  Add in cocoa powder slowly whisk in

     until all ingredients blended

4  Add salt. Whisk

The "Base" is now complete


In a blender extract coconut fat from three

cans of coconut milk.

While "Base" is still warm add it to coconut milk in the blender. BLEND the mixture.

Now add in the Vanilla.

and the Vodka{or Rum}


Put blender pitcher in the freezer. 

In two hours take it out and blend the contents to liquification. (This is important. This will permanently arrest ice crystal formation. )

Do this two more times at two hour intervals. After the third liquification pour

your ice cream liquid into its final storage containers. Put back in freezer over night and it is READY

When serving, take the ice cream container out of the freezer and let it sit 5 minutes or so the dessert will soften up just bit.


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