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You Need This! Our Life in Costa Rica

Hi everyone - Sorry I have been missing in action lately. I had to do some computer upgrades and currently I am locked out of my movie files so as soon as I get it straightened out I will post some videos for you. We have done a bit of traveling.

TODAY I want to announce that BLAXIT RADIO has a NEW mobile app that has been approved by Apple & Google!!! Yay! and THANK YOU Riley Jackson for making it all possible.

Asking you to please support our efforts by downloading the app on your iPhone or Android today!!

iPhone users link :

Android Users link :

Update on our BLAXIT RADIO.COM launch - Currently all of our Djs/Hosts are in training - studying, preparing and getting ready for their shows. It's going to be AWESOME and hopefully not too much longer.

BLAXIT RADIO FB page - We will have a DJ corner on our Fb page, included will be a series of short videos, (one for each Dj/Host) -- so that YOU can get a glimpse of them and hear about their shows. We appreciate your patience!

In the meantime please continue to listen to our 24/7 music mix.


Serving The Blaxit Community Worldwide

Tune in 24/7 for the Best in Music & Talk

(Oh, some have been asking what I will be doing on the station - for any of you who would like to see my show info please click here ) Thanks for your support!!!

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