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A Happy Birthday 2Fer

Yesterday was my birthday. It was a pretty epic day really .

Back Story

Some of you may remember when we first applied for temporary residency in Costa Rica. It was a year ago yesterday.

This was last year 5/8/18

Let's COMPARE Lavanson and I are filing separately using 2 different methods. To save money he is using a service where he will be doing most of the legwork himself - obtaining the required forms on his own and submitting for processing through an Immigration Consultant and I am using a recognized Costa Rican law firm (many expats have used them - and they provide excellent immigration assistance). The firm will obtain and handle all forms, docs and do all paperwork for me (the lazy way out). There is a significant difference in cost, but we will talk more about that after we are further along.

and...This was yesterday

Yes that's right. I am now an official "temporary" Costa Rica Resident!!! With all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto...

So we went out on the town to Super Mariscos in Sarchi to celebrate with a few of our friends.

Celebrating our joint birthdays. His on 4/22 mine on 5/8

Oh and BTW if you are wondering who got their residency completed first...

I did!!!! But Happy Birthday to Us anyway!!

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