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Through radio excellence we will create a unique community resource​ designed specifically for the needs of the Blaxit community, one that promotes connections​, ​fosters a sense of belonging​ and provides a diverse array of programming.

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Broadcast schedule for Devine ms d

jazz & Java

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monday - Friday  12 noon - 4-m

Join me afternoons, for the relaxing sounds of Smooth Jazz. Get reacquainted with your favorite artists, and hear many new artist releases as well.

    The Smooth Jazz Comeback!

I have been an avid listener of Smooth Jazz since its inception in the 1980's when it was known as NAC (New Adult Contemporary). I was just as surprised as many others when the genre disappeared from the FM airways in most major cities around 2008. Its rise and fall appears to have mirrored that of commercial radio itself. Due to its loyal listener fan base and the advent of Digital Broadcasting, Smooth Jazz has moved back onto the scene on the digital internet format.  

jazz & Java-  jazz & Music from around the world

 Saturdays  1 - 4pm

Every Saturday we will explore music from across the globe.


wherever you go - there we are - music from around the world!

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This is it

every saturday 12 noon - 1pm

My weekly Talk Show, “This is It!” will discuss living in Costa Rica and provide up to date information on the main expat relocation areas. Interviews and discussions with business people, musicians and local expats as well as in depth discussions regarding the challenges of leaving the US and settling abroad.

about The devine ms d

I absolutely        music, and travel has always been in my blood! To me, Music & Travel are the perfect mix -- so helping to create BLAXIT RADIO was the next logical step for me in my quest to encourage more travel amongst black people and provide information and resources for those who are looking to relocate abroad. 

I am extremely excited to be a DJ and Host as well as the General Manager @ BLAXIT RADIO.

We hope you will enjoy the programs and find them helpful.

If you have any issues or would like to make suggestions or comments please let me know @

We appreciate your support


 please visit our website
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Serving The Blaxit Community Worldwide

Tune in 24/7 for the Best in Music & Talk

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