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“A nomad I will remain for life, 
in love with distant and uncharted places.”

― Isabelle Eberhardt




Tips For The Modern Nomad

Traveling or relocating can be confusing and sometimes you don't know where to start. Here are some suggestions to get you going in the right direction.

  • Set realistic goals and manage your expectations

Decide what your priorities are and what is important to you. Everyone is different so be honest about what you want. For me it is important that I be near a city or town that has some of the comforts I am used to, like shopping, restaurants and cultural venues. I also want modern amenities in the house. I’m not really interested in living in a remote area away from people and I have no interest in giving up all of the comforts of modern living, however I know there will be trade offs. I’m probably not going to find all the conveniences of home. No place is a perfect paradise!

Look for the forums geared to relocation to the country you are interested in moving to. This is another excellent resource for collecting information. Following these sites will help give you a daily view of life in your prospective country.

Once you have chosen your locations, go to the internet and do extensive research. Look at youtubes and other videos to get an idea of what the area looks like and what it has to offer. Use search terms such as “expat” and “relocation” to help you hone in on the videos that will pertain to your location.

  • Sign up on one or more online forums

Look for the forums geared to relocation to the country you are interested in moving to. There are plenty of them out there. Forums can be very helpful and you can gather a lot of information from people that have lived in the area for quite some time as well as people who are new or are just moving into the area. If you want to post questions you usually have to sign up on the forum, although many forums will allow you to look through previously posted questions. You just might get lucky and find your answers there.

  • Read travel blogs and websites, especially those written by expats

Look for the forums geared to relocation to the country you are interested in moving to. This is another excellent resource for collecting information. Following these sites will help give you a daily view of life in your prospective country.

  • Try to connect with people who live in the country where you plan to move

To me this is very important for several reasons. First, it’s another way to get first hand information about the places you want to go. Second, there is nothing better than already knowing someone in the country in which you plan to move, even if you only know them through email.Be sure to share your plans with your friends and family. You might be pleasantly surprised to find that they can connect you with someone living in the country you are researching. This personal referral will go a long way.

  • Do your due diligence

After you research, it's very important to make at least one trip to your relocation destination. There is no hard and fast rule here, it's totally an individual thing. Some people come back over and over again before they make their final decision while others like myself, only need to come once. In any case, you will probably need to make at least one trip need to get 1st hand knowledge and on the ground experience to see if this new place is really or you. There are many relocation tours offered and some of them can get pretty pricey (most start around $1,300 for a couple for 3 days). If you find one you like and can afford to take the tour, do it! If not, make your own due diligence research tour. That's what we did, for a fraction of the cost. 

  • And...last but not least

There’s no such thing as the world’s top retirement haven, and no one-size-fits-all Shangri-la. The only one who can determine the best place for you to retire is you!!



Where should we stay?

Where to stay is one of the toughest choices we have to make, whether we're on vacation or preparing for a more permanent move. 

To make it a bit easier for you, I have included a list of some possible options for accommodations in Costa Rica. 

Although I do not have access to availability everywhere, I do have suggestions for places in some of the more popular destinations locations. I know each of the contact people and  have personal knowledge of and/or have visited the locations. 

Final decisions are always up to you, I offer you a good place to start. 







Costa Rica Central Valley


Brooke Bishop - GoDutch Realty Grecia

Meet Grecia real estate agent Brooke Bishop. Brooke first came to Costa Rica in 1999 as a volunteer with an organization aimed at reforesting old coffee plantations. She fell in love with the country and the area. Since she has lived in the Naranjo – Grecia area for many years, she can help you find the perfect climate and the perfect property in one of these coffee towns.

Brooke is very knowledgeable about properties in Grecia, Naranjo and Sarchi. She is happy to help with all of your relocation questions and issues, whether it be long term, short term buying or selling a home.


Also see - Costa Rica Real Estate Series - Buying Selling Renting in Costa Rica (3 Videos) Featuring Brooke Bishop

Please contact Brooke for more information about this area.

Costa Rica Central Pacific Coast


Vernita Gundy  - Property Manager 

“Tico Tico Villas an Adult Only property in Manuel Antonio.”

Tico Tico Villas flexible stay studio apartments are unique in offering transitional, inspired, comfortable options for short to long term stays in Manuel Antonio, Cost Rica. Stay a week, a month, four months or more, the choice is yours.

Their modern, furnished studio apartments with kitchenettes, A/C, flat screen, Wi-Fi, cable, and once weekly maid service will make you feel at ease and welcome. The on-site pool, bbq, future mini-market, rainforest inspired gardens and visiting wildlife will enhance your Pura Vida.

Please contact Vernita to book your stay.

Costa Rica Caribbean Coast

Davia Antonia - One of our experts in relocation to the Caribbean Coast.  She also offers consultation, retreats and lodging.

"What's a vacation for? Just to relax? We don't believe you. It takes a lot of planning to get to paradise. You want to do more than just nap when you get here-


 We think your trip is about exploring your path to happiness. That means having fun, learning, connecting, and adventure."

The Caribe Sur is an off the beaten track Costa Rican paradise. From Cahuita and its National park down to Manzanillo and the Gandoca National park you will find an amazing array of things to do and see. In any mile-stretch of the main road you'll hear a symphony of Jamaican Creole, Italian, German, Chinese, French, English and Spanish.  Come shine your light on one of our paths. Add your voice to the chorus.  Puerto Viejo is for you.


Email -

Please contact Davia for more information  

We hope these links will be helpful in your planning. When you contact them please tell them that "That Bella Life" sent you. Muchas Gracias! 



Roughly 3.3 American Baby Boomers claim they intend to retire abroad.

They represent the largest single group of Americans with the highest birth rates seen in the past 75 years.

As prices continue to rise in the US and healthcare costs remain huge concern for many retirees looking to retire on the cheap, there has been an increasing number of expats relocating to Central America


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