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A Taste of Miraflores

Here is the video I promised.

Lavanson & I spent about 8 days total in Miraflores so we were out a lot, and there is so much that I have left out because there is no way to capture it all.

Just a few things I want to mention about what is in the video

- Our take off and landing. Clear skies, beautiful weather on a spectacular summer night!

Keep in mind that the total population of Costa Rica is 5 million and the city of Lima has more than twice the number of people in that one city.

- You can't drink the water! So, I think that is one reason there are so many bottled water options in the stores. BTW- now that I look back on it, I think the US had a ton of options as well. I have gotten so spoiled since being here where the water is clean and you can drink it from the faucet. You do need to make sure when you eat (or drink), that filtered water is being used or you run the risk of getting sick.

- Toilet Paper Also, we were back to disposing of toilet paper waste in cans and not flushing in the toilet (you will be advised to do with with a note over the toilet)

- We found a fantastic market in Miraflores called Vivanda. It had EVERYTHING!!! On our way out of the store we met a very friendly expat who has been living in Peru and Chile for over 40 yrs. She gave us her contact # and provided a lot of useful information about places of interest (mostly food related) in Lima.

Hope you enjoy - More to come

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