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And The Winner Is

We're back with an update on which property we chose!

It was a difficult decision but we finally made up our minds. In the video below we will discuss the pros and cons of each location which led up to our final decision.

While we were in the selection process I thought this might also be a good time to educate people on exactly how real estate works in Costa Rica as it is different in so many ways from real estate in the states, and I all just might want to know!! (Thank you everyone for all of your questions and comments)

The COSTA RICA REAL ESTATE SERIES is a series of 3 videos which will be released in the next several days. We sit down with Real Estate Agent, Brooke Bishop, from Go Dutch Realty (one of the leading real estate companies in Costa Rica and in the Central Valley). She'll walk us through the proess and answer all those questions many of you have wanted to know the answers to. Be sure to stay tuned.

However, for today, here is the video with our choice. This was the first time we had to search for a property while living in Costa Rica as we selected our current house, sight unseen, while we were still in the states.

Thank you Brooke for all of your help!!!








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