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Let's Talk About Mexico

Although, we are currently residing in Costa Rica, our plan was always to keep our eyes and our options open and according to International Living's 2019 Retirement Index of Best Places to Retire, #3 on the list is MEXICO. Costa Rica is #2 and #1 is Panama.

We've already investigated Panama - we've visited Panama City, Boquete, and Bocas del Toro. Although we liked Panama, we decided against it for relocation.

Here's a link with our Costa Rica, Panama comparison.

We've also been to Mexico twice, both times to Cancun in the Riviera Maya. While at one time the Riviera Maya may have been a viable option, as of recent, the increased crime statistics as well as the cost of living have led us to remove that area from our list.

Mexico however, is a very big country and an extremely popular expat relocation destination, so I think it bears further investigation, but where should we start?

10 Most Popular Cities for Expatriates in Mexico

1. Lake Chapala, Jalisco

2. Ensenada,Baja California

3. San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato

4. Merida, Yucatan

5. Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo

6. Mazatlan, Sinaloa

7. La Paz, Baja California

8. Guadalajara, Jalisco

9. Puerto Vallarta, JaliscoSan

10. Cristobal de las Casas Chiapas

We decided to go with the #4 choice, Merida.

Stay tuned and we'll discuss some more about Merida and our plans to visit there and do our due diligence.

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