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Better Days Ahead

Although we had a pretty frustrating several days last week, the end of the week turned out to be much, much better.

Thursday was an absolutely gorgeous day. I even hung some clothes out on the line to dry in the Costa Rica sun.

The clothes line backs up to the coffee field, where the coffee is prime for picking soon!

Really! I mean who gets to have such a beautiful view? I am always in awe of the beauty here.

The beautiful poinsettia plant is in full bloom

On Friday, I also picked up our homemade holiday tamales! Yum!

Tamale Making - A time-honored and delicious holiday tradition in Costa Rica. For generations, Tico families have marked the holiday season by preparing tamales to share with family and friends. Our tamales were made by our friend Isabel (owner of Essprezzo de la Casa). Isabel is from Mexico so her tamales are Mexican style and not wrapped in banana leaves as are the traditional Costa Rica tamales but I LOVE them just the same!!

On Friday, it was off the the feria for our weekly shopping. Our first stop is the town center to stock up on products we don't get at the feria, along with paper goods and other household items.

BTW - We do have other grocery stores similar to the supermarkets back in the states, but most cities in the states have nothing like our feria!! It is HUGE for one thing. The Grecia Feria is pretty famous. If you come here you will not want to miss it. The fresh produce comes from local farms in the area. I think there are probably close to 400 vendors represented there.

It is a non-governmental organization (NGO), nonprofit formed by a group of small and medium agricultural producers, whose date of incorporation was May 7, 1970. According to their records there are more than 125 affiliates or active members, which are simultaneously associated to CoopeVictoria, Chamber of Producers of Caña del Pacífico, Upanacional section.

During the holidays the feria is really a special place!

You can check it out in our weekly shopping trip below!

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