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Celebrating Gray Locs in Costa Rica!!

For those of you who might be interested in what has been going on with me hair-wise in Costa Rica --

Here is an update.

I will say that it is not the easiest thing to maintain your hair as a black woman here in Costa Rica. It has gotten much better but the options are still very limited and "licensed" cosmetologists are few and far between. In many areas of the country you will not be able to find anyone to do your hair. You will also have to deal with the language barrier unless you are truly fluent in Spanish and even then I think you can still have some issues. I certainly did.

My advice - Bring hair products with you and learn to maintain your own hair!!!

Which leads me to today's topic --

Celebrating my ONE YEAR LOCAVERSARY with Gray Locs!

Ageism is a real thing in our society. I don't feel it as much in Costa Rica as I did in the US. However, having gray natural hair here is not going to offer you a world of choices and information on how to manage your hair. I have struggled a bit and found some (but very little) helpful info on YouTube.

What's under all those scarves you see me wearing in my videos??

Since I BIG CHOPPED my Sisterlocks in 2020 I attempted to join the natural hair community and do wash & go's and twists out but I failed miserably and spent a lot of money on products along the way. (They did not work for me and the styles lasted only a day or 2 at best). It seemed as though nothing was working for me so I sought the help of a licensed cosmetologist in San Jose and went to him for advice but he had no idea of what to do with my hair or how to manage it

You can find my video consultation on my Silver Sistahs Youtube channel

-- so I decided it was time to go back to locs - at least I had some prior knowledge of those.

But....Of course since I did not start my own Sisterlocks, I needed to find someone to help start them for me.

This time I was determined to have locs that I could maintain on my own. So decided to go the traditional route starting with 2 strand twists.

Here is the video featuring my 1st year!

Also if anyone is interested, I have a Website, Blog, Youtube channel and FB Group devoted to Natural Gray 4c Hair. You can find the website here .

Love to see you over there. Complete story, pics and LOTS of natural hair info. Thanks!

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