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Charlie's Angels in Costa Rica

Most of you probably already know that Costa Rica has a problem with the huge number of stray cats and dogs.

Many of them live their entire lives on the streets, As expats, many of us are concerned about the wellbeing of these animals, and so, we try to help where we can.

There are some really awesome people doing some really great work around Costa Rica for the abandoned animals.👏👏

I got the chance to go with my friend Maggie on Monday to pick up her new, adorable little dog, Cala (to be renamed Tina short for Valentine). I rode home with her in the backseat altho she preferred my lap to her cozy dog bed.

I watched each of the 3 new owners as they got to meet and pick up their new family members. The smile on their faces was priceless!

The meet up/dog pick up was in the parking lot at the airport.

Tina when we brought her home

Tina after a trip to the groomer


Charlie's Angels - Animal Rescue - Costa Rica "Amazing adoption day! CALA, SEBASTIAN, FRANK & WILLY found loving new homes! Puppy Frank will fly to a Wisconsin with our former volunteer Sophie, who fell in love with him during her volunteer time with us and decided to adopt him and take him home with her. YAY! Have a good flight ✈️
Sebastian, Cala and Puppy Willy will stay in Costa Rica to live the Pura Vida life ☀️🍀🐾🌸"
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