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Costa Rica, A Day in the life

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Today is September 15th

It's Costa Rica Independence Day

Some of you may remember this video, which we posted back in 2018 on our old vimeo channel. Now that we have moved from Grecia, it's fun to look back on those days, so, from time to time I'll upload one of the old videos and repost it to our new Youtube channel -- and you can also view it here. I think this will be helpful to our newer subscribers -- and for those of you who have been around for a while, you might like to take the walk down memory lane with us too.

This one is from Dec 2018. We start our day walking from our house up on the ridge, to a friend's house for breakfast and end the day with dinner at another friend's house.

It happens to be the day of the Festival de la Luz. You wil see a portion of it at the end of the video.

Festival de la Luz originated in 1996 when the Municipality of San José organized the 1st parade of floats and the largest and best bands in our country. The beauty, the charm, and the multitude of this great festival have made it indispensable and essential, even for the Christmas season. News programs such as CNN, Televisa, Univisión, among many others, have referred to it in a very positive way. in fact, it has become the most important event that can occur throughout the year.
Approximately, 1 million people attend this festival. Apart from that, it has also been taken into account that, thanks to all the news programs, each one of the inhabitants of our country is allowed to watch this great Festival. Another million people watch it from the comfort of their homes. Source
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