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Costa Rica or Panama? Which is better?

We thought you might want to know, which is why we partnered with Black Expats in Panama


The first BLAXIT RADIO Joint

We just completed the CR vs Panama Round Table

Round One included our 2 immigration attorneys

Round Two panel consisted of our BECR (Black Expats in Costa Rica) & BEIP (Black Expats in Panama) members!!

The Attorneys talk

****PART ONE of TWO ***

Airing this Saturday Oct 8th

12Noon - 1pm (Costa Rica Time)


"This is It" - Straight Talk For the Blaxit Community

I will announce Youtube dates in a later post

What a fun and informative discussion we had!!
Both discussions ran way over our scheduled time so I will be airing the radio versions on "This is It" in 2 parts - the Youtube versions will be aired in their entirety (I think)
You won't want to miss this
STAY TUNED for time and dates!!!!

The Expats Speak Out

For PART TWO - Stay Tuned for dates and Times

Thank you for your support!!

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