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Important New Tips for Researching Your Move to Mexico

After having made a move to Costs Rica, we thought making our second move to Mexico would be easy or at least, easier.

But...we were wrong.

When comparing our targeted cities, we were very diligent and researched important (and obvious) factors, like: cost of living, medical services, transportation, expat population and the all so very important, crime statistics!

However, for Mexico there are some other very important factors that most of us fail to examine while conducting our due diligence.

You should also include the

environmental issues in a particular part of Mexico in your research.

Few people ever think about analyzing the pollution in their chosen location of Mexico.

Try using the name of the city and the words "water pollution, cancer and kidney failure" one at a time in your search. 

If you have ever tried to get to the bottom of a controversial subject in the US, you know that It can be very difficult to find the "real truth" and so it is in Mexico, where most online newspapers make their money from advertisers, realtors, local hotels and other businesses who are eager to lure tourist and permanent expat dollars to their area. In which case, often times, negative reports are few and far between and can even be scrubbed from the archives once the business owner complains.

So, as it is in many other situations, when living in a foreign country, you are pretty much left, "on your own!"

Do your research!!!

You might be surprised at what we found. I'll fill you in on our top 4 picks (Merida, San Miguel de Allende, Puerto Vallarta & Oaxaca) as well as some info on the very popular expat haven, Lake Chapala/Ajijic, in the next blog post.

Stay Tuned...

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