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Introducing "The Costa Rica Expat Interview Series"

Several months ago I took a road trip with my friend Jeanetta and Linda (a visitor from the US). We drove up to Zarcero and onward to La Fortuna & Arenal to spend a couple of days exploring the area. I had never been up that way before so it was quite a treat. Along the way we gathered photos and some candid conversations with the locals which I will share later

Shortly after we returned to Grecia, an interesting thing happened -- several different groups happened to be in town from the states at the same time -- including my brother Russell from the Bay Area, who had just arrived in Grecia after driving from Tamarindo, where he completed a month long Spanish immersion course -- my Sisterlocks Consultant Kia (from Atlanta), who arrived in Grecia that morning with 2 other Sisterlocks Consultants - they had just completed Sisterlocks training in Limon -- Linda who was visiting from New Mexico -- Marilyn from Atlanta, here on her yearly US to Costa Rica visit, and I invited 2 local male expats, Mike & Sherman to round out the group.

As we are all sitting around talking and discussing life in Costa Rica, and since we had so many folks gathered at once and all in one place, we decided to take advantage of the timing and conduct some candid interview conversations with each of them. So instead of continuing to talk amongst ourselves we utilized Jeanetta's spontaneous interview skills, sat down in her beautiful Grecia garden and the Expat Interview Series was born!

The Group

The 1st interview conversation regarding "relocation to Costa Rica" is below.

Due to the length I will post it in 2 parts.

Be sure to stay tuned for upcoming discussions -

they are candid,


and unrehearsed

and we talk with everyone.

You won't want to miss a single conversation!

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