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Looking Back at Four Years of Living in Costa Rica

YAY!!! I have finally completed our look back/4 year Costa Rica wrap up video!!! Or, I guess I should say, vide-O's -- as it turns out that I had to split the original video into 2 parts. In the end, a 1 hour video was just a little too much for my poor laptop to process. Even with the 2 video split, part 2 took half the day and all night to upload!

Yes my friends, those are some of the joys of video making and uploading in Costa Rica!!! I will keep that in mind for future uploads.

Anyway, we recorded from our living room and I used my ring light for the 1st time so please excuse me while I learn to use the light properly.


Our goal was to answer a lot of the questions people have asked me about living here and to give you our honest opinions and feedback. The videos are based on OUR personal opinions and experiences. Every person will have their own experience. So, take what you will and ignore anything that doesn't fit for you.

I have posted both parts below with the links to youtube - you can watch them here on the site or watch them on youtube.

BEFORE you view:

Video #1 will end abruptly at about 22 mins (sorry folks it couldn't be helped) - you can then watch the rest of our look-back on Video 2 (part 2) At the end of the video I have also included some short clips from our EIGHT border runs. We actually made 10 border runs but 2 of them were back to the US (Houston & Ft Lauderdale for a couple of days to stock up on supplies so they were not included)

Part 1

Part 2


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