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Looking for a New Home in Costa Rica

Updated: May 13, 2020

Since we have put our move to Mexico on indefinite hold, it's time to find a new home in Costa Rica!

I've found at least one positive result of the Corona Virus, and that is - it's a pretty good time to look for a new place to live if you are interested in a good deal on a rental. Since there will be a new normal once we are lifted from quarantine, people will more than likely not be doing as much travel.

And in a country like Cosat Rica where...

Tourism has been one of the fastest growing economic sectors of the country and by 1995 became the largest foreign exchange earner. Since 1999, tourism has earned more foreign exchange than bananas, pineapples and coffee exports combined.

That can translate into a big savings, especially in cities where tourism is king.

With that thought in mind we contacted a couple of realtors (made appointments) and set out to see what we could find.

The video below includes 4 homes. Since we live in Grecia with no car it is not feasible for us to make numerous trips in search of housing. We would also consider moving to one location with a year's lease and then looking around while we are living in the area to see if we could find something better suited to move to once our year was up. (This is the "prices could go down even further" theory)

Our plan was not to go over $1,500/month tops (which is up from the $800 we currently pay - but there will be 3 of us instead of 2) - and of course less is always preferrable if possible. The higher rent is the trade off for living in a location with more access to services including medical/dental, restaurants, shopping and entertainment, which is walkable or involves a short Uber/Taxi ride.

Our preferences were: A modern 3 bedroom (if possible) 2 bath house or apt/condo that would be suitable for 3 people. We were also looking for no ground floor locations, good security, or gated with a preference of a 24/7 guard on duty. Gas stove with oven, large refrigerator, dishwasher, hot water through out, washer dryer, in a nice neighborhood, with a responsive landlord!

These parameters are harder than they seem

as you will see in the video below LOL

If you'd like to weigh in - you can do so in the comments below - Let us know if you think we found a place. If so, let us know which one YOU think we selected and which one is YOUR favorite!

We'll make a new post or video and update you with our decisions later.







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