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Mexico Jammin - Day of the Crazy People!

Ay Yai Yai! Do Mexicans LOVE a festival or what?

There are holidays and religious ceremonies celebrated in every country but in my research I found there are over 40 festivals per year in and throughout Mexico. That gives holidays a new meaning!

In Mexican culture holidays have extreme symbolism and importance. Their holidays are routed in religion and past events that resemble the Mexican culture. The Mexican culture preserves the meaning of their holidays through celebrations and traditions. It’s important in Mexican culture to celebrate holidays with festive gatherings. Each holiday has meaning in Mexican culture; honoring a religious or historical moment special to the culture. These special events are important and celebrated together with family as they honor the tradition of the holiday.

We arrived 2 hours early to get a good seat - at the end of the parade route

And so it was with Dia de Los Locos (aka Day of the Crazy People)

Crazy. Eccentric. Get your freak on! 

On the third weekend of June, this annual festival l takes place in San Miguel de Allende celebrating—the “crazies” that live within each of us. 

This colorful festival of thousands of satirical costumes and masks of politicians, cartoon characters, actors, and monsters would seem to be profane, but this elaborate festival actually has profound religious influence.The festival’s namesake takes after San Antonio, the patron saint of the lost.

We met up with Glenn & Ria on the "wall" at the park in centro to watch this one. We were very fortunate to be in San Miguel to be a part of the festivities! This was my very first festival in Mexico. Looking forward to more to follow!

WARNING!!! Duck & Cover!! You can be knocked out by the candy they throw to the crowds of cheering, candy starved children! Word!

Interested in seeing a little more??

Check out our Crazy People festival video below

to watch full screen on youtube click here

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