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Mexico Jammin - We're back!

Mural from Guanajuato City, Mexico

MEXICO JAMMIN - 14 days 6 travelers and 6 cities (or 7 cities depending on who you were) But now...we're back!! (well 5 of us are back and one is still enjoying some beach time at Puerto Morelos for another month, lucky girl)

Our journey took us through many towns and cities but our major stops were:

-Mérida - the vibrant capital of the Mexican state of Yucatán. -Valladolid - is a city on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. Its colonial buildings. Cenote Zací is a sinkhole pool with stalactites. -San Miguel de Allende - a colonial-era city in Mexico’s central highlands, is known for its baroque Spanish architecture, thriving arts scene and cultural festivals. -Guanajuato - a city in central Mexico. It's known for its silver mining history and colonial architecture. - Querétaro - is a small state in north-central Mexico. Its capital, Santiago de Querétaro, has a historic center with fountain-filled squares and stone streets lined with bougainvillea. -Mexico City - the densely populated, high-altitude capital of Mexico. The metropolitan area population is 21.2 million people, making Mexico City the most populous metropolitan area in the Western Hemisphere and home of Frida Kahlo.

Ahh, Mexico, what can I say? You've stolen our hearts! Such a beautiful country with a rich culture, friendly people and great food! A really good time was had by all!

We've fallen in LOVE with Mexico!!

I'll give you the highlights from our trip along with pics and videos and I'll add my personal thoughts, including "is it safe to travel in Mexico".

Could Mexico be our next home?

Stayed tuned.

We'll start off with our first stop, the colonial city of Mérida which was once home to the greatest concentration of wealth in the world, but first, check out what Conde Nast has to say about this grand and glorious old city!

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Jun 29, 2019

You are welcome. Thank you for your reply, it works just fine.


The Bella Blog
The Bella Blog
Jun 28, 2019

glendine281 - Thanks so much for the comment. I will def keep blogging and sharing. (Unfortunately the new WIX platform doesn't have feature for direct reply but please accept this comment as my reply.)


Jun 28, 2019

I absolutely love how you all are living life, supporting each other and sharing your journey! Keep the blogs coming please. 😍🙌😀

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