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On Top Of The World!

Hola everyone

Hope you are al well. I have been mostly posting interviews here but that doesn't mean we aren't still living our best lives here in Costa Rica. Events and my meet ups are usually posted on one of my FB pages, however in case you are not connected to any of those mediums...

Here are some pics from the latest mixer sponsored by -- Melanin Tours and Black People Travel & Network.

Repost from FB:
It's been a minute but I am back with a new review!!
Back in Barrio Escalante, my favorite part of San Jose.
@ Mantra Rooftop Restaurant 29th Flr URBN Escalante
This restaurant did not disappoint.

As I was attending a mixer, we did not dine in the main dining room, however we had access to the full menu.
The food was excellent and priced between around $12-20 for a main entree. Presentation was lovely as was the specialty drink 'Tequila & Rosemary' YUM!! which they topped off table side - I will include a separate video - along with a video of the view - which was AWESOME - AWESOME - AWESOME !!! 

BTW they also serve brunch so I intend to return!!
however...DO NOT plan to go without a reservation!!! - you will find the gate locked - There is a posted sign with a # to call - upon arrival , they will send someone down to escort you up to the 29th flr. 

some pics are below - they do not have a website but you can find them on IG along with pics of the food

Tequila Rosemary

#that bellalife

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