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Our Mexico Relo Plans - Update

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

The best-laid plans...

Puerto Vallarta

Who would have imagined that our meticulously researched, Puerto Vallarta relocation plans AND birthday party, (which I worked on for nearly one year), would be nixxed in an instant by a Coronavirus pandemic?

But, it happened!

Puerto Vallarta Mexico

There's both good and bad to the timing. First of all, we were very lucky that this happened in Feb/March which gave us a little time to reaccess and make our decision.

Did we already sell some of our household items and food items? Yes

Had we taken our luggage out of the attic, cleaned out our cabinets and shelves and begun to pack? Yes

Had we already given our 30 day notice to our landlord? Yes

Had we secured lodging in Puerto Vallarta for the entire month of June and paid up front? Yes

Did I have to tell all of our guests who were flying in from the states that the party was canceled and leave them on their own to secure refunds/credits for their reservations? Yes (once again to all of those who were coming. I am SOOO sorry!!

Had airline reservations been made? Yes (by my daughter although I was just about ready to make ours as well)

Had we made arrangements in advance and rehomed our 2 Boxers? Yes

Had we been seriously planning our BIG birthday bash, locations and itinerary? Yes

Had we planned a date to have a garage sale? Yes (April 1)

Costa Rica

As I answer yes to all of the above, in the end it turns out that if there had to be a pandemic, we are most likely

in the best place we could be to ride it out!

Some of the items listed above I was able to change and some, I could not. It is what it is but we were able to rescind our notice to vacate and stay in our little Costa Rica house and that is a blessing!!

As I think about it now, we first made plans to move to San Miguel de Allende and the cartels moved in. Then we made arrangements to move to Puerto Vallarta and there was a pandemic!!! Maybe we should re think this idea LOL Currently I am not too pleased with the way the Mexican government has been handling the crisis up until now. They were rather late to the game (much like the US) and you see where that has led. I think Mexico is finally getting their act together but it may be too little too late. Mexico City has a population of almost 9 million people. Sadly, I doubt they will be equipped to handle the virus when it hits. That could spell disaster!!

Puerto Vallarta Airport 4/4/20 Source PV FB group

MX borders remain open but not many airlines are flying. I also get the impresssion, from what I've read, and on MX Facebook pages, that in many local communities, they feel that the virus is being brought in by foreigners (like expats and tourists from the states) so they aren't too happy having us around. I can certainly see their point.

Costa Rica on the other hand, tried to get out in front of the spread (although they also could have acted faster) So far with 435 cases there are still only 2 deaths and they are stepping up testing and have a new hospital dedicated solely to people with the virus. And, they are paying for medical treatment for anyone who gets the virus (including non resdents and tourists). In contrast MX is putting stranded tourists into hotels (separate hotels for those with symptoms and those without and then telling them to contact their governments to fly them home)Source And guess what the US says about its citizens stranded in Mexico?

"The U.S. government does not anticipate arranging repatriation flights in Mexico at this time!!" Source

So, we will continue to shelter in place, feeling happy and pretty darn lucky to be in Costa Rica. Once this is all over we will take another look and decide if we will move to Mexico or not. Pura Vida!!!

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