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Puerto Viejo Video - Our Life in Costa Rica

Ok y'all, I'm back with a new video! Finally got access to my editing tools.

This video is from our last visit to Puerto Viejo (June 2021). We went to Puerto Viejo to attend a wedding and stayed at the beautiful (new) Umami Hotel Garden Spa.

In today's video we are on a walk to find breakfast on the beach and ran into a very knowledgeable local who taught us a thing or 2 about medical plants! Many of the them just looked like weeds growing along the road but turns out that they are very useful, IF you know what you are looking at.

I will do a couple more videos to include snippets from the wedding and our hotel in case some of you are interested in where we stayed, or looking for a nice hotel.

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

(oops sorry intro credits & and end of video have no sound -

didn't want too redo so i just left it)







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