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Stay Home - "Quedese En Casa" - Our Life in Costa Rica in the time of Covid19

I am pretty much losing track of time as one day seems eerily like the next however, I think this is Day 16 ?

a sign at our local grocery store explaining Covid-19

In other words - Keep your ass in the house!!

The local Ticos and Ticas are beginning to get the message loud and clear. The infection rate has been rising and we are currently at 314 but holding steady with only 2 deaths. There are 13 confirmed cases in our town of Grecia (we are the 6th highest in the country). The highest number of cases is in the neighboring city of Alajuela (the main airport is in this city) which has 55 cases and is where the infection began. There was a doctor at the main hospital there who became infected and many of the cases stem from interaction with him, including the 1st cases in Grecia.

The local population here is young, so like many in NY, FL and some of the other states in the US, the youth think they are invincible.

The other day the government got a bit more stringent with its regulations and they are: increasing the penalty for breaking curfew and have adjusted curfew and the hours for stores and restuarants.

The curfew fine was originally about 23,000 colones (around $45) and the curfew was 10pm to 5 am. They have now added a weekend curfew of 8pm to 5am. In addition all bars (which were closed already) as essential stores remained open, but now close at 8pm and restaurants for take out only.


Some other changes...

This is the local fruit/veggie store which was in our last video
La Gran Bodega

This is the store where we started getting most of our fuits and veggies since we no longer go to the feria (farmers market) on Fridays. We shopped there again last Friday (our goal was to shop for 2 wks worth of food). The store has since annouced that they will begin delivery service. Thank goodness!!!

We also received our first home delivery from the finca (local farm). They also carry items such as organic chicken, some sauces and cookies.

We set up a table in our laundry room to dissinfect our food and the plastic bags etc that we bring in from the outside.

We decided to do this after watching a video about safe grocery shopping. Made sense to us. I have attched the video below, if you are interested

We also stopped in at one of the local farmacias (pharmacies) to see about getting a mask, but they were out. There seems to be a huge debate about whether to wear a mask or not. Unless or until it is mandated, you can decide for yourself.


People are "required" to wear masks in S Korea. I am attaching another video below with information from the leading Cornavirus expert in S Korea. S Korea has had excellent success in dealing with the virus.

I think the video is worth watching. You can decide for yourself.

and last but not least...

We began our virtual Spanish lessons. I'm not digging it so far! I think at the level we are now, it is harder to do the class via video, but, it was only the first time. I'm sure we will get used to it in time. And it appears that we will definitely have plenty of time since there doesn't seem to be an end to this mess in sight!

Looking forward to spending time again with friends!!

In the meantime spend time online chatting and use video and facetime. Zoom is a popular online conferencing medium. We had a 6 way face to face conference with family back in the states the other day.

Learn to love your own company and be patient if you are isolated with other people.

Oh - and BTW - I am now using my "good china" LOL

Until next time! Isolate socially but don't isolate emotionally or spiritually!

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