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OMG - Sorry, I forgot -- I did not post this story here. Posted on FB. So you are probably unaware of the back story behind TERROR IN THE JUNGLE - Ten Days in the Darien Gap.☠️

This is the next UPCOMING interview on my Sat talk show "This Is It" on BLAXIT RADIO in my Spring Edition.

Tune In - The radio version will air on Sat May 14 at 12Noon Costa Rica Time

About a month ago we were invited to lunch at a friend's home in San Jose. We've eaten at his home before and he has a marvelous cook but yesterday he had a surprise for us. He introduced us to a brave young, 26 year old refugee, named Freddy from Côte d'Ivoire, Africa. (A very bright and charismatic young man who studied to be an electrician. He is also a chef and attended cooking school specializing in the art of making traditional crêpes) After wars ravaged his country, Freddy fled life in his native home in search of a better life in the US but ended up instead in Costa Rica. And on the way..... To get here -- He spent 10 days WALKING across the Darien Gap Forest from Colombia to Panama. The Darien Gap is part of the Pan American Hwy - the portion where there is NO road. It is a remote, road-less swath of jungle on the border of Panama & Colombia. Known as a smuggling corridor between the two countries, it’s rarely seen by outsiders! There are no paths to travel through and it is one of the most impenetrable pieces of jungle on the planet teeming with venomous snakes, plants and others. If you run into hostile individuals or get bitten by a venomous snake, your chances to come out of it are pretty slim.

If you think my other interview with the mom who drove here in her car alone with daughter and their dog was something, just wait until you hear this story. (oh and here's the link to the mom story in case you haven't watched it

Meet Freddy! --

Sat down with him to do a fascinating interview! He speaks only French (and Spanish now) so I needed an interpreter. You won't want to miss it.

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