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The"hygge” life

It all started with the concept of hygee.

But, what is hygee?

Pronounced hooga - hue-guh): a concept of living, derived from the Danish word “hygge”. ... It was created as a concept and lifestyle by the Danish in the 18th century and is now a fundamental part of their culture. The hygge concept cannot be translated to one single word but it encompasses a feeling of cozy contentment and well-being through enjoyment of the simple things in life and as the Danish put it “the good feeling you get from a well-curated, cozy, and aesthetically pleasing environment.”

Could this be the start of something big?

The beginning of a redesign

My new chairs and table (not as bright as they look in this picture)

I am now, and for most of my life, have been, a lover of fashion and design!

This post is a sneak peek into my thought process as I redesign our condo. I've been putting things together piece by piece. I've definitely got plenty of time since we're on the "rona" lockdown. Who knows what the end result will be, but thought I would let you see where I am currently in the process.

When we moved into the condo in Escazú my plan was to put my own design spin on it, even though the condo was furnished. There were several pieces of furniture which were necessities, like the sofa, dining room table, beds, and kitchen appliances. There were other pieces such as, lamps, rugs, bar stools, dishes and night stands, that I would be able to rearrange or move to our storage area to make room for my own things.

The most significant piece of furniture that I had to work with (or around) was the sofa (below).

The sofa, which is a bluish grey color, is a Mid Century Modern design. It has to stay, partly because if I were to replace it there would not be enough room to store it, plus it's brand new.

This is a portion of the rug I bought, so this will be the color scheme (well sort of, but I have been known to "do my own thing")

The vase is mine. The artwork is a beautiful painting left by the owner and depicts a pastoral scene in Colombia. Currently it is propped up on the credenza and will more than likely be moved and replaced with other artwork as the design takes shape.

Dining room/office combination

(my furniture except for the dining table) The vase is handmade from capiz shells made in Capiz, a province in the Philippines facing the Sibuyan Sea.

My Bar Stools are a Charles Eames replica

(we have an 11ft kitchen counter)

There was no pantry so I created an open shelving concept in the kitchen and added red accents using dishes and appliances (waiting for labels to arrive for the glass containers) This shelving unit is one of those bathroom storage racks designed to go over the toilet.

Fresh coconut milk for our local Cocotería

Here's the interesting thing. I had no idea as to my design style (technically speaking). I just knew what I liked and never gave it a name. As a matter of fact, I was actually "planning" to use all muted tones (beiges and whites) and a simple minimalistic design. At least that's what I thought!!

I took a design style quiz as I was writing this post today.

Check out my results below

Do you agree?



You are the glam design style! 44%

You are fabulous, and you love your house to be too!

You are all about those luxurious details and cozy materials that make you feel like you are living in luxury!

You are the mid-century style 33%

Function takes precedence in your home, and every piece must have a purpose.

You probably enjoy minimalist silhouettes, natural materials, and open and airy floor plans too.

You are the boho design style! 22%

You are carefree and colorful in life, and in your home. You love bright colors, rich textures, and anything that looks travel, and as though it has a story.

You also try and mix in some earthy vibes, because what boho girl doesn’t have a house full of plants?

I had to chuckle. I keep saying

"A girl's gotta be who a girl's gotta be!!"

I'll keep you in the loop as I move through the process

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