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This is a fine mess - I'm Just Sayin! (Opinion Post)

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I usually try my best to keep things light and cheery here but...

Sorry, I have to speak up

I just read a disturbing article about homeless people in Las Vegas being put in parking lots! Separated by 6 ft of space of course. We MUST obey social distancing!!!

"Homeless people in Las Vegas have been directed to sleep in rectangles painted on the pavement in a makeshift parking lot camp as a way to limit the spread of the coronavirus." Source

John Locher—AP

Why is that, when the hotels in Las Vegas are empty??

Like we didn't know this country had a huge homeless problem before?

"Half a million homeless. More than 2 million incarcerated. Tens of millions with untreated mental health or addiction problems. Almost 28 million uninsured. And 40% of households with less than $400 in emergency savings." Source Bloomberg News

Why aren't other empty hotels in hard hit areas being converted to makeshift hospitals or shelters? Why didn't we have enough masks and ventilators? Where was early testing? Should we wear a mask or not? Over 1/2 the states in the US still have no quarantine program. There were young people on the beaches in Florida for Spring Break and only yesterday there were many, many people out and about strolling along the streets of NY! NEW YORK!!! the hardest hit state in the country with over 1/2 of all coronavirus cases!!!

Where is the financial help for regular working people during this pandemic? I've read where folks are coming out of pocket to the tune of some $34,000 for treatment for coronavirus.

Remember this gotcha question re medicare for all? - "How you gonna pay for it?" Uh how much money just went out in a huge stimulus package ??

And these words keep echoing in my mind "if you like your healthcare plan you can keep it!" Be careful what you ask for!

"The enormous package, approved by the Senate late Wednesday night, provides hundreds of billions of dollars for the industries, small businesses, unemployed workers and health care providers hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic, which has devastated economies around the world." Source Bloomberg News

and for the common folk - the cheese was a measly $1200?? C'mon now, my rent in CA was twice that amount!! There should have been 2 separate stimulus packages!!

Coming soon to a parking lot near you! They may need more squares in parking lots for all the people who can't make it on the $1200!

What a mess we've gotten ourselves into!

There are social problems deep at the core of America in 2020. If you didn't see this one coming it's because you didn't want to.

I've seen far too many people that did not want to discuss the state of affairs in this country because well, it wasn't a "happy" topic. They would rather change the subject. I guess ignoring the truth will somehow make it go away. We see now how that worked out.

Believe me when I say that they knew about this long before it happened (as early as Oct 2019). The heads of the US and Chinese CDC were in attendance. See Source

This is not a Democrat or Republican problem. We're ALL in this together (as we always have been - they just made it seem like we weren't - divide and conquer)!!

Wake Up and Pull your head out of the sand and ALWAYS ask yourself

"who benefits?"

Now back to our regular broadcasting! LOL

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