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This Is It - The News You Won't Want To Miss

Good Morning

As you may know, I have been working EXTREMELY hard (a big part of the reason I have been missing on this site) putting together our new internet radio station. I think you will enjoy the music mix as well as the talk shows we provide - many of which will be of help to those who are considering moving abroad. In the beginning we will cover, Costa Rica (our home base) as well as Mexico, Panama, and Tanzania E Africa. Our plan is to expand to include more locations in the future. You gotta start somewhere, right?

In case you don't follow me on FB (shame on you!) you may not have seen the announcement on Saturday about the launching of the 7 NEW shows we have on BLAXIT RADIO!! I am so proud of us and the work and dedication of our team!!

To stay current with updates, new shows and changes, and to support our effort, I hope you will Share, Follow us on FB, IG and Subscribe to us on Youtube. If you happen to miss one of the talk shows my plan is to air it on our BLAXIT RADIO Youtube channel following the broadcast. And...If I can, I will also upload to That Bella Life's Youtube channel but, I can't promise, so to be sure not to miss anything, please subscribe to both channels.

Please check out the intro for my shows below - MUCH APPRECIATED!!

Let me know what you think in the comments

(BTW in many ways my Talk Show,

"This is It" is a radio extension of "That Bella Life")

We are Global!!

Don't forget to download our BLAXIT RADIO App from Google Play or the Apple App Store on your cell phone device.

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