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We're on our own! Life in the time of Covid-19

What a week this has been. Who can remember what life was like before we had to stay 6 ft away from each other, wash our hands a gazillion times a day, sanitize everything and stay sequesterd in our homes?


Here's the latest news from Costa Rica


- We started using an online delivery service for our fruits and veggies. They make deliveries on Fridays. We don't have Uber eats or any of those other fancy delivery services here in our area but this will cut down (somewhat) on our trips into town.

- We also decided to add colloidal silver to our daily regimen to help keep us healthy. I have never used it before but know of many people who have. A friend of ours has a machine and offered to make some for us. We were going to order our own machine but, as luck would have it, for the 1st time in 15 years, the compay is sold out. So we're on the wait list.

- Costa Rica received funds to help with the situation and China is donating test kits

- Yesterday the president of Costa Rica inacted stricter Covid-19 measures and also announced that:

any foreign national that leaves the country during the COVID-19 crisis will lose their immigration status. This applies to any Temporary or Permanent Resident, Special Categories, and people with applications in progress.

Wow - So folks, we can't leave!

However, the most likely reason that this measure has been taken is because:

during this past week Costa Rican police have prevented 511 foreigners from entering the country. These people were trying to avoid the closure of borders. It is also important to consider that due to the current situation many Nicaraguans are not currently working, they were laid off or given vacation and with Holy week right around the corner many of them try to make it back to their home country to see their families. The situation with coronavirus in Nicaragua is unclear right now and the government of the neighboring country has not taken any measures to prevent the spread of the virus, this, clearly puts Costa Rica’s entire population at risk and compromises the efforts made by the Costa Rican government to mitigate the effect of the virus. Source Costa Rica Star

At any rate, I feel like I've been spending way too much time checking updates and keeping up with totals on the virus. My anxiety has been rising as the cases mounted and my stress levels have been increasing, so, yesterday I added some outdoor exercise to my daily routine. Lavanson has been taking walks, so I decided to join him.

On our walk to drop off bottles - The ground is looking pretty dry now

but the rainy season will be upon us soon enough

Spotted a new house going up

The flowers on the roadside are really beautiful

See, this is when your discarded wine bottles come in handy!

This is the machine (left) which makes the colloidal silver - takes about 3 hrs.

We picked up our completed bottles yesterday. Going to start today!

Take a breath We Will Get Through This

And while we have time to reflect

Do we simply want to go back to 'normal life' after this?

Or is this giving us a chance to see things differently?

Overlooking the city of Grecia and beyond

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