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When You've Had Enough!

**This is an opinion piece on r a c e - you can choose to stop now and not read further.

Sometimes a girl just gotta get it off her chest.


I doubt that today's topic is being covered by the media, and then again, why would it be?

So far as I can tell there are no "official" statistics.

The topic is about the rapidly increasing number of black people who are researching, exploring and actively making plans to exit the United States!!!

Black people in America have been trying to escape systematic racism – from -- segregation, unequal housing, employment discrimmination, income inequality, unequal educational opportunities, poor health care, lack of political power and mass incarceration - to heinous organized violence, such as lynchings and police brutality – for generations. (BTW Black women are doubly affected, as we suffer from racism and sexism)

I caught an episode yesterday from 1972 of Tony Brown's Journal and the topics were the same. Not much has changed. So, is it not logical that....

The cry from so many black people today is "Enough is Enough!"

As many of you know, I administer 3 Facebook groups focused directly on the needs of black people. I have seen a marked increase in the number of members for all of these groups (almost double from March to Sept for my group whose members want to relocate to Costa Rica). This seems to be happening with other black FB groups as well along with the emergence of many new FB groups, and new Youtube channels set up primarily to deal with the Black Exodus.

I have not been able to monitor the exact number of FB groups but I have paid special attention to one FB in particular called Blaxit. The group was created on June 18, 2020. I am a member of the group and on 8/31 the membership was 3,800 and today, barely 2 weeks later, total membership is approaching 5,000. This is only 1 group but is a perfect example of the seriousness of the situation.


I will also mention that there has been a fair amount of "unfriending" taking place lately on FB. Black people are at the point now that if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem! That also goes for those who remain silently on the sidelines.

Time to "Take a Stand"

A couple of months ago (and after the protests had begun), I sent out a video to several of my white friends to hopefully start a conversation about the plight of black people in America. I was extremely particular about who I sent the video to, choosing only those friends I felt were more open minded. Ask me if I've had a discussion or even a repsonse from them. The answer would be, No! (In all fairness, one friend did at least acknowledge watching).

If I scroll through just about any FB page any of my black friends, there will be posts re police violence, protests and more. If I scroll the pages of a white friend, I see nothing of the sort, and on occassion have found derogatory posts re the movement. BTW - It doesn't count if a white person puts a LIKE on a post a black person has already posted. It's NOT the same. And for the love of GOD, white people, please stop referring to the peaceful protests as RIOTS!!! There is a BIG difference and it's a dead giveaway that you are uninformed!!


In today's world, ignorance is a choice!


In this time of racial unrest, protests and police shootings, I would think that this would be an important topic to EVERYONE, but I guess it isn't that important to many of my friends. I can only attribute their silence to fear or "white privilege". If it doesn't directly affect you, then, you don't need to care. This is also why many black people are reassessing who our friends really are.

I've refrained from posting on this topic but felt it was time to speak up. In the "new normal" black people will not continue to remain silent on a subject so important. For us, it is a matter of life and death!

This is not a black problem -- This is an American problem.

Educate yourself and take a stand for change.

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The Bella Blog
The Bella Blog
Sep 12, 2020

Thanks for your comment Debbie. Hopefully we will make some much needed progress this time! Nice to know I have friends that are engaged!!!


Sep 12, 2020

I agree that history is being repeated. I tell my children that peaceful protests have taken place before with hope for change and so little has changed. The pandemic has brought lack of healthcare in poorer working neighborhoods to the spotlight. What is the solution? Black lives matter and keeping the issues and conversations in front of everyone will "hope"fully lead to action this time around.

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