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Why We left the US - Looking Back

Updated: May 23, 2020

Note - WARNING -This is an opinion post. If you are currently satisfied/happy with the situation in the states you might want to pass up reading this post.

One reason that I am writing this post today is because lately, I have been deluged with incoming requests from people in the states, begging for help as to how to "get out" of the US! I'm serious! Since I moderate and administer at least 3 different sites on FB I am getting their desperate pleas!

I think the constant 24/7 news cycle of fearmongering, lack of support from the elected officials along with their blatant disregard and frankly, their indifference to provide monetarily for working people and folks struggling to survive in this pandemic, has forced people to ask the question -

"Should this be happening in the "greatest" "wealthiest" country in the world?"

The country with the most is seemingly providing the least. Contradictory answers with no real solutions except -- the hope of a future, untested vaccine. No other solutions or instructions about what to do about the virus (besides of course "stay home") and in the meantime NO mention at all about things people can do to build up their immune systems so that they don't come down with the virus in the first place! All while making plans to re open the country!!! Simultaneously, people who dare hold alternative, opposing views/opinions are being derided, discredited, censored and banned from Youtube, FB and IG. No wonder people are living in fear! It's one big shit show!!

However, seems that the light has finally come on for many!

I can remember as far back as 2008 when we first began to voice (out loud) that we could see through the illusion - that things were not as they appeared. The country was moving in the wrong direction, but what were our options? At that time it was best to keep any dissenting opinions to ourselves. We formed a group of like minded people interested in uncovering the truth behind the changes, a group where we could freely discuss our views and research together. It saved my sanity!!!

So, I get it --I totally understand where so many of you are coming from. Understand the truth of what is going on and if you don't already, it's never too late to learn!! (although it has become harder to research the truth because of new and ever broadening restrictions and censorship of free speech in the states).

If you are thinking of moving to Costa Rica (or anywhere else for that matter), DO YOUR RESEARCH. Once the borders re open and in the months following, this might be a good time to relocate to Costa Rica as prices will be dropping in the coming months (rental prices have already started to fall). However, be sure to take some time first, to really think through your decision so that you aren't filled with regret later on down the road.

We can and do deserve a better world, but there is much work to be done!

Below is an excerpt from my blog and what I wrote back then


The Plan Begins in 2013


Passports Ready?


A few years ago I began a blog called, I'd Rather be in Paris. At the time it was my intention to spend my retirement years in my most favorite city in the world, Paris France. However, during my research, it became quite apparent, rather quickly, that my beloved Paris was NOT going to be a possible retirement option for me. This was mostly due to the very high cost of living and the work and Visa constraints placed on foreigners. Just so you know - Paris is not a country that encourages retired expats.

Paris France 2011

I've Never Heard a Bad Review About Costa Rica


Saddened, but not to be deterred, I quickly began an all-out search for a more affordable retirement location. After much investigation and loads of updated retirement information from AARP I found the most viable options (for me) were some of the countries located in Central America. Cost of living, access to the US and climate (both political and weather) were a few of the things I considered. I looked at each country individually and decided on Costa Rica as the best possible choice (at least it would serve as a good starting point).

The more investigation I did and the more information I gathered, the more I was convinced that Costa Rica would be an excellent retirement destination.


Have I Ever Been to Costa Rica?


I have to admit, I had NEVER even visited Costa Rica before. I know, some of you may find that a bit odd, but having grown up in a military family living all over the US (as well as overseas)and having moved around quite a bit as an adult and done a bit of traveling outside the country -- I decided to just go for it. The worse thing that could happen is that I don’t like it. But hey, I’ve lived in New Hampshire and Houston Texas, could it be any worse?


Why Do I Want To Move Outside of the US?


I have a pretty nice life here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Nice apartment, good friends but I will not be able to maintain this standard of living once I retire.

I’m also writing this as the Mike Brown murder and protests are going on in Ferguson MO so this may not be the best time for me to answer.

The US is a powder keg on the verge of explosion!  And something is missing for me here. I feel a strong desire to live outside of this country. I want to be a global citizen. Obtain a wider perspective. The world is so different outside of this tiny prism in which we are all contained here in the US. I want to experience clean air, fresh fruits & veggies. I want off the 24/7 news cycle telling me how and what to think. I want a calmer, slower and a more stress free lifestyle in a country that gave up its arms and military over 60 years ago in exchange for books to educate its people. I want eco friendly farms, intentional living communities, yoga, beaches and beautiful sunsets. I do not want to be judged by my skin color. And I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg to live in retirement. That is what I have learned is available in Costa Rica.

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