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Yoga on the Ridge

Updated: May 3, 2019

Back for my second class!!!

Last week I took my 1st beginners yoga class at Ser La Luz. Lavanson has been going for about a year (off and on). Our friends Kate & Sergey, who moved to Cost Rica from the Bay Area about 6 months ago, decided to take the class as well -- so now we have a ride each Wednesday, which will make it a lot more convenient.

I'm really enjoying the class. The views are spectacular. I have not taken yoga before but always wanted to.

Ser La Luz is a beautiful Holistic Mountain Vacation Destination in San Francisco, San Isidro De Grecia, Alajuela, Costa Rica. They are part of Costa Rica Retreat.

They also hold drumming sessions there.

Ed is a great teacher and works with each student individually.

Here's a quick peek

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