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Costa Rica Residency "in country" Requirements

Now that we are planning to relocate, we still plan to keep our residency here in Costa Rica, however, if you ask someone what the in country rules are, you will get probably get a thousand different answers--anywhere from you need to be in Costa Rica 6 months out of the year, to you only have to be in country for one day!

Of course it is very important to have the "legal" answer, so I contacted my friends over at Outlier Legal and posed this question to them.

Since the requirements are different depending on the type of residency you have, I have posted the link here.

Please take a minute and read for yourself. You might also want to bookmark the link for future reference or share with others who might have the same question.

Big Thanks to Outlier Legal! They are also an excellent choice to help you obtain your residency. Give them a call if you are interested.

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