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Is it Safe to Drive from the U.S to Costa Rica?

Hola mis amigos!

For those of you thinking of relocating to Costa Rica, have you ever considered driving your car here?

I can't say that we considered it "seriously", however, I did some research on the subject and watched several videos before I decided it was a "no" for us!

I was surprised and extremely curious when I found out that a woman, her daughter and their dog, made that very trip to Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica several months ago.

She survived! We met for dinner here in Escazú and of course I had to interview her on my talk show, "This is It"- Straight Talk for the Blaxit Community which airs every Sat from 12 noon - 1pm Costa Rica time on BLAXIT RADIO (please tune in). and now I want to share the replay of her exciting journey with you!

Would She Do IT Again??? Would you??

Check out her story below to find out!

*Courtesy of BLAXIT RADIO

How does her experience line up with the facts below?


1 - You can drive from the US all the way to South America via the Pan American Hwy. The highway itself, is in excellent condition from Mexico to Argentina. There is a small gap between Panama and Colombia where there is no road.

2 - If you are thinking of driving all the way to South America, from Laredo TX , Mexico to Buenos Aires, Argentina is approx distance is 7,244 miles / 11.658km long and takes between 21 - 29 days driving every day 8 - 6 hours straight.

3 - As long as you do NOT drive at night, (which is a total no, no) the Pan-American Highway is not particularly dangerous. The main obstacles would include other drivers, animals on the road and interacting with the locals LOL. And of course, as driving at night.

Take the right precautions - and use your common sense to stay safe.

4 - Of course and according to people who have made the trip "official crime and theft rates" are highest in Guatemala according to the World Bank. However there are many other dangers that you need to take into account. Facts - Source

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