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All Around the Town - Dining in Costa Rica

It's no secret --- Costa Rica is NOT known for it's cuisine! I have nothing against rice and beans, and after living here for 5 yrs, I've certainly had my share. Gallo pinto is fine (gallo pinto is a mix of beans, rice, Salsa Lizano, chopped onion, chopped red bell pepper, and chopped cilantro. Usually served alongside a fried egg, ripe plantains, white cheese and homemade tortillas or a piece of toast). Casados are fine too (casados are always offered at sodas (a local restaurant). This authentic plate generally has a good sized portion of white rice, black beans, and salad).

However, few people want to eat the same thing over and over every time they go out for a meal. So now that we have relocated to Escazú, we are very happy to research and sample the assorted meal options available.

Last week our friends Darrell & Carolyn invited us to join them for lunch at a very nice Indian reatuarant in the neighboring city of Santa Ana.

It was some of the BEST Indian food we've had since arriving in Costa Rica!! The resturant also has a sister location in Escazú. We highly recommend it to anyone who likes Indian cuisine.

Big THANKS to both tof them!

Next up....El Mestizo

This week another friend of ours, Margaret, told us about an international food court in Escazú. How this place could have existed right under our noses for this long, I will never know!! But, we were totally happy to find out about it.

The place is HUGE!!! I'm not sure exactly how many restuarants they have, but I would guess probably at least 20. They also have deserts and many of the restaurants offer a full bar.

The food was wonderful and the number of choices made it VERY difficult to decide what we wanted to eat.





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