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Black Girls CAN Learn to Salsa!

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Can you Salsa? I have to admit it. I can not!

I posted this on Facebook today but for those of you who do not have FB here's what I said.

Sunday we took ourselves over to Sarchi (next little city over from Grecia) to "Viejillos" a bar, restaurant/discoteque (I didn't know discoteques were still around 😉) For those not familiar, Viejjillos is a HUGE place and every Sunday they have dancing with a live band, from 1-6pm. People of all ages come to dance. It was my 2nd time going.

It really is a lot of fun!

It sort of reminds me of going to the roller skating rink back in the 60's (roller skating roots go back decades, back to the Civil Rights era. During desegregation in the 1950s and 1960s, many roller rink owners sought to maintain racial divides by hosting theme nights, such as “Rhythm Night” and “Soul Night.) Anyway that's the vibe I got.

Except...I could roller skate just fine--salsa dancing....umm not so much!!! I watched a video called "gringos can't salsa" That pretty much summed it up for me and I think for my friend Fran who was there too. However, we were troopers and got out there among all the locals twirling and spinning across the dance floor.

I've decided that learning this dance is a must for me because, well, they do the same dance in Mexico!

This black girl will not be left behind!!

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The Bella Blog
The Bella Blog
Feb 05, 2020

Hey mykurves - Glad to get reconnected. I had every intention of continuing my fashion blog but alas, there was no fashion here to speak of! LOL Let's stay in touch


Feb 05, 2020

I often wondered where you were, and glad to see a comment from you on my blog Now, I'm busy reading all the posts I missed. Glad to see you enjoying Life!

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