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Could this be the secret to preventing gray hair?

A stop along the way...

After you arrive in Cusco if you decide to descend to a lower elevation, you will probably end up in the Scared Valley, however to get lower you also have to go higher first.

More coca tea please Chinchero (elev 12,343 ft) is located on the highway between Cusco (elev 11,154 ft) and Urubamba (elev 9,514) in the Sacred Valley. The weavers of the Chinchero weaving association give demonstrations to visiting tourists and run a small store that offers textiles from all ten of the communities.

We stopped to visit one community on our way to our hotel. We were given a demonstration in weaving and the process of dyeing fibers. Very interesting how they utilize so many of the local plants to make their dyes, including using the blood from a cactus beetle. They also use the blood for rouge and lipstick.

Our demonstrator spoke very good English and was full of jokes

Check her out below

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