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Escape to Tamarindo

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

We did it! We finally left our condo and ventured out on a trip! Four glorious days in Tamarindo. This was our first trip but will definitely not be our last! The weather cooperated and we have 4 very pleasant days. I was prepared for the oppressive heat and humidity but instead we had fairly hot days but cooling a bit toward the evening and a refreshing ocean breeze. Our condo had air (of course) but during the time we were inside I found it freeezing @ 72 and had to turn it up to 77 or 78 otherwise I had to wrap myself up to stay warm.

there were selfies being made!

Best laid plans...Before we left, I decided that this would be an excellent time to film a few videos and catch you all up on what's been going on. To that end I purchased a small ring light (ring lights are great for photos and they also make good lighting for video as well). I planned to use the new light for night video recording instead of dragging my larger one.

Unfortunately, I did not test it out before we left and once we got to Tamarindo and I got it set up, we discovered that it was flimsy and poorly made. If the outward appearance didn't convince us, the final video recordings certainly did. When I played back our discussion, the lighting on our black faces was a total failure!! However, by then it was too late, so we had to go with what we had. I lightened us up as much as I could and then I separated the audio from the video of us and did the best I could with the lighting.

Check out the video of day one for more details

Contact info for our driver - Maunel Ureña 506-6339-3533

We highly recommend him for trips and tours - tell him I sent you!









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