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Good Bye to Our Casa in Grecia Costa Rica

Hey guys,

This is a short video of our house in Grecia. For security reasons we've never filmed our exact location, but since we no longer live there...

Here it is!

It was our 1st home in Costa Rica. We called it Casa de Coffey (a play on words using Lavanson's last name) and we lived there for 4 years, so we will definitely miss it. The views and the sounds of nature were a perfect introduction to this beautiful country.

We also enjoyed the peace and tranquility of being surrounded by lush coffee fields, but things change and we are ready for some new experiences and new memories.

We look forward to sharing those with you!!

BTW - Costa Rica produces only 100% Arabica beans - the highest quality coffee beans. There are 80,000 small farms in the country.

*Please excuse the quality of drone shots as they were taken by a friend who was practicing to use the drone for the 1st time and we never expected to be using them in a video.

This video features my new favoritye song. If you enjoy it

please check it out at

Your Love

Jordan T

#BlackAnd RetiredInCostaRica

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