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Let's Take A Ride! - Atenas Costa Rica

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

I shared this video on one of my Facebook groups but thought you all might enjoy it as well.

The TOPIC -- HOUSING - Where should we live?

This is always a HUGE decision as we discussed in the real estate series. I think the decision is also complicated by the fact that Costa Rica is different from the US in many ways.

First - It's not connected by "freeways" - as we know them in the US - "freeways" that take you up and down and across the country with well lit signs and offramps and chain restaurants.

Instead most of CR's road system is held together by many 2 lane winding roads with many miles between towns -- i.e the city of San Jose is a mere 27 miles from where we live in Grecia but it takes over an hour to get there. During rush hour even longer (sometimes up to 2 hrs)

Living here will slow you down just by virtue of travel (TIP you'll need to use Waze to get around Google Maps stinks!)

If you are searching for a place to live - I am linking an article from International Living (which is NOT my favorite site, but in this case you can get a general idea of the areas) You will still need to research on your own.

On Thursday I went over to ATENAS, with a friend. Atenas is one of the more popular expat enclaves in the Central Valley. Lots of modern homes in the beautiful hills, gated communities and a good climate (altho a little too hot for me) (BTW if gated communities are not your style you can find other housing there as well)

Atenas is 18.2Km from Grecia or 11 miles - (No direct bus route is available for us) travel time by car varies from about 29 mins to 40 mins. We had lunch there, so I made a short video on our way to show you some of the route we took.

I love the drive there.

The scenery is beautiful! Enjoy!!!





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