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We Don't Need No Cattitude!!!

Updated: Sep 13, 2022


W​e have been petless for 3 years. ​Sadly we had to leave our 2 cats (Luis & Leo in Grecia in the care of a friend, when we moved - they were feral, outside cats who adopted us, but, they only knew the area they were born in so not fair to move them miles away plus we have no yard at our condo. Finally, two weeks ago we took the plunge and adopted a kitten from our Vet and named her Asha (Ah-Sha). We have always had 2 pets at the same time but this time we were going to go with only ONE!! Right after we got Asha we found out that it is much better to have 2 cats than one because solo cats can end up with more developmental problems and cat-ti-tude - definition: State or feeling of immense superiority, but not arrogance.

ASHA BLUE ( Blue for her gray color)

So off we went in search of a little friend for Asha.

Our Vet was helping us with our search. We looked high and low to find another female kitten around 3 months old. That search finally led us to the Refugio Cat Rescue in Santa Ana. We went over to visit and it was such a joy to see so many cats being taken care of. The owners bought a house and have dedicated it to helping the cat population. We were going to get a kitten (Marie) from them (paid our donation fee of 20mil - about $30 USD) and were all set when but at the eleventh hour our Vet came through with the perfect mate for Asha. So we adopted her instead and called her Ami (Ah-Mee). She is a little over 2 months old.

AMI BISSAU (Bissau in tribute to my African homeland Guinea Bissau)

Even though we didn't adopt little Marie, I highly recommend the center if you want to get a kitten or a cat. The people are friendly and the cats are well taken care of. They can always use a donation if you are feeling like you want to help. (We donated the 20 mil)

Asha at the Vet

Ami with her brother @ the Vet

Refugio ResCat Costa Rica on Facebook & IG

506 8618-4715

The center would appreciate any help by adopting or donations!!


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